About Us

Welcome to Elkoln

Who Are We

We are a group of professionals who have extensive experience gained through years of experience and are willing to work with you, to get your data more clear for you.

Our Mission

Creating intelligent Work environment, smart dashboards and finally more efficient employees.

What We Do

  • We take your tasks and restructure them digitally

  • We create a database for you to help creating dashboards and help you make better and quicker decisions.

  • We help you choose the best ERP for you and the best price too.

  • We can develop your tools (coding your tools) to manage your business

  • We can help you design your Webpage and your marketing materials.

Meet the team

Eyad Al Bahsh

Financial Adviser

ERP Consultant

Co-Founder of:


Khalid Al Bahsh

Powertools & Development

Founder of:


Omar Al Bahsh

Graphic Design & Web Design

Founder of: